Thu, 24 November
8:00 PM EST (London)

Live Webinar: Invisalign Clear Aligners – engineering a clear way forward for general dentists

Speaker(s): Dr. Raman Aulakh , Dr. Barry Buckley

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Invisalign Clear Aligners – engineering a clear way forward for general dentists

Dr. Raman Aulakh , Dr. Barry Buckley

Invisalign Go is designed to empower general dentists to be able to treat more patients. To learn more about how the power to treat aesthetic cases now lies in your hands, join our session today.

In 1999, Align Technology introduced the Invisalign System; a nearly invisible teeth straightening treatment – engineered today to treat a range of malocclusions – from simple to complex.

As a global leader in clear aligner therapy, we continue to make it our mission to innovate – evolving a treatment that is more effective for Invisalign patients and providers.

On average, the majority of patients will visit their general dentist for aesthetic treatments such as teeth straightening. In response, general dentists are turning to low cost orthodontic solutions or invasive treatments such as veneers to treat their aesthetic cases.

There is a growing need for general dentists to offer an easy alternative to treat simpler cases.

This solution should provide:

  • Confidence for general dentists to choose the right patient to treat with the right product
  • Confidence for general dentists to deliver the outcomes the patient wants
  • Support and tools to help refer complex cases on to an orthodontist

Align Technology has launched a dedicated solution for the general dentist to correct minor anterior misalignment called Invisalign Go.

Release date: 24/11/2016
Expiration date: 24/11/2019

“Invisalign Clear Aligners – engineering a clear way forward for general dentists” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA CERP and AGD PACE provider.


Dr. Raman Aulakh

Dr. Raman Aulakh has been an Invisalign provider since 2008 and has treated thousands of Invisalign cases.

Aulakh is a specialist orthodontist, tutor at King’s College Dental Institute London, Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider, Invisalign clinical speaker, key opinion leader for Invisalign, author of the Master Class Series for Invisalign Orthodontists and is the Director of the SAFE Orthodontics e-learning platform.

Dr. Barry Buckley

Dr. Barry Buckley runs a cosmetic clinic in a private hospital outside Dublin. Since 2003, he has worked with all short term orthodontic appliances including the Inman aligner and 6-month braces but now works exclusively with Invisalign. In April 2012, he set up the company Clearbraces, an amalgamation of eight different dentist spread throughout Ireland with the aim of developing a national brand and creating a reputation for world class Invisalign care. Over the last three years, the institution has treated 4,000 cases making it the No. 1 Invisalign Provider in Europe.

Buckley provides both clinical and management support for the network of dentists who are all GDPs and had no experience whatsoever of any form of orthodontics before they worked with him. On average, they now achieve over 100 cases per year each.

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